What is QAthlete and how does it work?

Here are some frequently asked questions about the revolutionary QAthlete system that will tell you more about it and how it works.

So what exactly is QAthlete?

QAthlete, is a combination of easy to use sensors and memory pods that deliver accurate information about you, the way you work and then transfer this information to our revolutionary software.

So how do I use it to monitor my training?

Simply attach the chest belt sensor and memory pod and go train. It really is that simple.

When you finish simply plug in the memory pod on your computer and the information gets uploaded to your profile page and immdiately gives you feedback on how hard you've trained, how your body reacted to the training, your calorie expenditure, physical workload etc. (See Get Started for specific product offering and training feedback)

How do I find out if my training is doing what I want it to do?

With our unique assessment ability, the QAthlete system is able to completely analyse your athletic and sporting capabilities. It shows what effect your training is having, for example, if you are a runner or cyclist, are you improving the distance you can travel or your ability to produce short bursts of speed? All this allows you to really get the most out of your training. You can even see if it's the right time to train or whether your body needs more time to recuperate! (See selected models for exact outputs)

How does the system make an assessment?

Just attach the sensor, connect to the computer and follow the on screen instructions. You will be asked to sit, stand, and do some quick up and down movements similar to fast squats for a few seconds, and the whole process is complete in less than 15 minutes!

What if I am unsure about my training routine?

The QAthlete system has hundreds of exercises and routines for you to search and use. This way you can either follow one of its built in work-out routines, or create your own.

Can QAthlete help with weight management?

Absolutely. The simple to use online system has a complete diet tracker for you to enter your foods / calories in, and has an enormous database of items already programmed in for an easy way to add what you have consumed. Couple this with the calories burned feedback from when you train, and you have the perfect system for weight management.

Why is QAthlete different to other devices available?

QAthlete is a completely unique and revolutionary system, combining over 30 years of science & technology. It is already the Choice of Champions across the world, and for the very first time it allows individuals the opportunity to train and get feedback just like the Pro's. At it's heart is the SIMPLE TO USE nature.

Because of the way our system is able to analyse you, it uniquely presents reports and feedback that are based on you, rather than using typical 'standard' assumptions such as height, weight, sex etc.

I have a trainer, can I still use the system?

Absolutely! With our Individual Advanced, and our Indivudual Pro systems, you have the facility to allow your Trainer / Coach access, so that they can build routines for you, monitor your performance and help tweak and improve your whole training experience.

I am a Professional Coach, is it the same system for me?

There is an Elite Professional model that is exclusively available for Professional Coaches. Please visit here for more information, or contact us directly for a demonstration.

I run a local club/team. Is there a product for me?

Yes indeed. We have ensured that smaller clubs and organisations can have the ability for monitoring training and gaining a competitive edge. Take a look here.

I work as a Personal Trainer, what can QAthlete do for me?

This allows you the opportunity to have feedback like never before on your clients. Now you can have accurate information on what they are doing and how they are progressing, even when you are not there.

Through our 'Wall" interface, you can communicate directly with your clients to give them feedback and advice to enhance their training. You can even shpae their routines through our 'Workouts' facility.

OK, how do I buy the system?

Go to our Get Started page to see what product is right for you and click on Buy Now, or if you already know which one you want just simply go here.