Elite level sport requires an elite level training solution. QAthlete's easy-to-use, interactive software was specially designed to support the sport and performance goals of athletes, teams and sport professionals. Goals and guidance are structured around unique personal data such as ability, age, gender and fitness level. Workout, nutrition and weight management plans are then tailored to an athlete's precise needs and automatically scheduled.

Combining easy-to-operate software with noninvasive equipment, QAthlete records and analyzes physiological data to produce a full spectrum of reports, assessments, calculations and details regarding the physical fitness of its user. Assessment results can be utilized by coaches, athletes and fitness professionals to address major sporting issues such as overtraining, proper recovery, target training zones, injury prevention and optimized performance.

Understanding your body is essential to any fitness undertaking and QAthlete assessments provide the knowledge for preventative health care and safer training. This results-based package is a customized solution designed for unparalleled athleticism and overall health management.


QAthlete simplifies weight management and regular exercise by providing multiple tools for tracking, monitoring, and managing workouts and diet. QAthlete's unique compilations of daily energy consumption and expenditure keep both athletes and everyday individuals on track and accountable to personal goals and peak performance.

QAthlete provides important insight into your body's response to exercise by allowing you to measure physical workload, daily stress reaction and recovery, effectiveness of fitness training and EPOC. Discover the actual effects of your workout with QAthlete technology in order to train safely, more efficiently and more effectively.

QAthlete provides scientific assessments of important health-related aspects, such as training level, aerobic and anaerobic capabilities, health condition, level of physical and mental stress in the body, the ability to withstand health risk factors, physical shape (fitness), and, ultimately, productivity during performance. Evaluation leads to improvement and limits the risk of overtraining and injury.